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So You Think Disney Cruises Are Just for Kids????

So You Think Disney Cruises Are Just for Kids????

Think Again. Adults love Cruising with Disney TOO!

The biggest misconception is that Disney cruise line is only for kids or adults with kids....wrong! Think about it🤔 if your little people are busy with Princess Tiana and Iron Man, you have some free time to enjoy your vacation as well.

How? Where?

For Starters, there's the obvious, the spa! Where you can relax during your scheduled appointment. As a plus, some Disney cruise ships offer a full day pass to enjoy other spa luxuries such as the aromatherapy showers, scrubs, and the sauna at your leisure at a nominal rate ($20- 25).

Now, for my favorite- wine tastings and the infamous Mixology class. There's also rum tasting and cognac tasting. These classes are on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up at Guest Services for a small fee ($20- 25) to enjoy drinks, learn and laugh! There's usually a rather entertaining host and some crowd participation, which I almost always take advantage of.

Another one ☝️ - adult only restaurants. There are two on the larger ships, one on the smaller ships.  You can purchase tickets to both the dinner and brunch from your online account. There are also a number of bars and scheduled activities for adults including trivia, comedy, disco, match maker, family feud, karaoke and more!

And I did not forget the adult only pool areas on the top deck. I relax in the hot tub or stretch out in the sun with a drink.

I find it easy to take advantage of all Disney has to offer adults because kids absolutely love the Disney Explorer club and Explorer labs. The clubs should not be mistaken for a daycare. Your children will be enjoying scheduled activities and meeting new people as well. I'm not just speaking for my child. I witnessed children crying and throwing tantrums when their parents come to pick them up before the club closes (and that's at midnight).

The clubs are secure with photo and passwords required and NO Adults allowed, except during the open house hours. The security risk bands are equipped with a GPS too! The older children can roam about if authorized. They may want to shoot around at the basketball court, play soccer, watch a movie, or checkout a musical at the theatre. And I would add the theatre to the adult list of things to do as well. The broadway musicals are really awesome 👏🏾! And remember, when the ship stops at Disney's Castaway Cay, it is literally packed with all of the same amenities you received on the ship. So again, don't limit yourself. The Explorers club is available on the beach😜 and the fun continues. The spa is also available. Hoops, bike riding and more. And for the runners, sign up for the Castaway Cay 5K. My husband thought it was pretty neat! Lastly, try to schedule at least one excursion that allows you the opportunity to explore the ports of call. There are also a few adult only excursions. Thats the benefit of cruising, you can visit a few different places on one vacation. For the exception of a casino, Disney offers adults the same amenities as other ships with emphasis on consumer service and free child entertainment. 


Moms on deck!!

Moms on deck!!


Mixology class! 


Pool bar!  


Adults ONLY!


Great show!  

Tip: Membership Savings on the GO!

Tip: Membership Savings on the GO!

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