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Got Your Passport Yet?

Got Your Passport Yet?

You do? Great! Now you can start planning your next vacation abroad. Just don’t forget to:

1. Make at least 3 copies of your passport:

Carry a copy of the first 2 pages while traveling outside of your hotel

Leave 1 copy with a trusted source

Send an electronic copy to a friend

2. Keep your passport locked in your hotel when it is not needed

3. Make sure your passport is NOT within six months of its expiration date before traveling

BFT with Kids Tip #1 – Practice taking a proper passport photo with your children at home FIRST! My son was 4 years old and adamant about posing for his passport picture. I recall his face being completely missing from one shot, after he kneeled down to pose. Several snapshots later, we claimed a winner. Little people love to smile in pictures! 

Family Friendly Resorts – FAQs

Family Friendly Resorts – FAQs