Family Friendly Resorts – FAQs

How can you tell if that resort you have your eye on will satisfy your vacation needs? Sure it looks pretty and maybe you have read a few great reviews, but only you know what you want. You might want your children to feel like they are on vacation too, and not just at the resort daycare center. Maybe you want some time alone, or you may want to enjoy a romantic dinner. I’m always looking for exciting and engaging cultural experiences for my family. Especially for the kid. So, I usually ask a few questions to determine if the resort or vacation is indeed family-friendly.

Checkout the questions below and some things you should look for before booking your next vacation.

1. Are children really using the childcare facilities?

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When selecting your family- friendly resort, ask about the size of the childcare facilities and the daily use of those facilities. Make sure your children can actually interact with other children. Inquire about daily schedules and age- appropriate activities. Find out if the club requires reservations. If so, try to make reservations ahead of time. When the childcare areas are popular they fill up quick!

Some resorts put children of all ages together, catering to some and completely ignoring others. Seek out resorts that separate children into different age groups. Most of the time, this means that the club or camp provides age- appropriate activities.

2. What will my children do? 

A well-organized kid’s club will have a written schedule, which includes both group activities and a number independent or free play options.Be sure to sign your children up for any exclusive excursions. These activities may come with an additional price tag but are often worth it.

Some common activities include- snorkeling, cooking class, science experiments, video games, movies on the beach, magic shows and performances, dancing, free play and much more.







3. How can I feel safe leaving my children?

Nowadays, many kid’s clubs have computerized wrist bands that include GPS. The club may require a photo or a secret password during pick up. To protect your children, some facilities do not allow you to enter during pick up or drop off. This is to ensure your child’s safety. Kid’s Clubs that do not allow adults to enter often schedule an open house for parents to explore and become familiar with the facilities.

Some clubs offer food options, depending on the hours of operation. This means they may even require a health form to accommodate children with allergies and other special needs. If possible, complete these forms in advance.

Once at the resort, look for proof of certification. Most resorts posted child care and CPR certifications I plain sight.

Also don’t forget to trust your gut! And your child. If your child cry and refuses to go, don’t force them. It is likely that you won’t enjoy “adult time” anyway. But, if you can’t seem to pull your kid away and like my child, they shed a few tears when leaving, you might just have a winner!

5. Are there any designated family areas?

Confirm whether the resort has considered all guests. This means it should have designated areas, such as pools and restaurants for adults only, kids, teens, and the entire family. While you may enjoy a romantic dinner or spa session, you will eventually want to enjoy your vacation with the kids too. The best of both words- romance and quality family time is a must!

6. What can I do while my child is having a blast?

This is the moment you have been waiting for! You actually get to be an adult. And since your children are occupied, you certainly do not want to be around anyone else’s children. Take advantage of the adult -only areas. Relax at the spa or get moving at the gym. Try eating at adult -only restaurants or taking a dip in the more relaxing adult pool areas. Take advantage of this time to enjoy your vacation, be romantic, or simply rest. Whatever you do, remember to create beautiful memories.